jill baker

Jill Baker is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and Instructor of the BBJJ Riveters. She was introduced to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through her husband Matt Baker and after a very short period of time gained success throughout the competition circuit on a national level. Jill was awarded her Black Belt directly from Jean Jacques Machado. Some of her more notable accomplishments are:



2015 IBJJF PAN Champion

2015 IBJJF Master Worlds Champion

2015 IBJJF Pan American Champion

2014 IBJJF Pan American Champion

2013 IBJJF San Francisco Open Champion

2013 IBJJF San Francisco Open Champion (Open Weight)

2013 IBJJF Las Vegas Open Spring Champion

2013 IBJJF Las Vegas Open Fall Champion

2013 IBJJF American Nationals Champion

2013 IBJJF Masters World Champion

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2012 UFBJJ Champion (Canadian International)

2012 IBJJF Pan American Champion

2012 IBJJF Masters World Champion

2011 Samurai Pro Champion

2011 Southbay Open Champion

2011 UFBJJ Champion (San Fernando Valley)

2010 North American Champion

2010 North American Open Weight Champion

2010 Grappling X Champion

2009 Grapplers Quest Champion (Las Vegas)

2009 Grapplers Quest Champion (World Series)

Aside from being an active competitor and Instructor Jill Baker is also one of the chief coordinators of the SOCAL WOMEN BJJ network reaching 100’s of women. SOCAL WOMEN BJJ is a women’s only Jiu Jitsu network with sole mission of promoting women’s Jiu-Jitsu through out Southern California.