BBJJ News: Nationals, summer Camps, and Readers polls…

What’s new at BBJJ?

The Summer season has been very eventful and as always we have much to be thankful for.

Thank you to our Community

BBJJ was voted Best Martial arts academy for 2019 Readers choice poll.

TRUJITSU Competition News

BBJJ and TRUJITSU unified celebrate a great season of competition at IBJJF American  Nationals and IBJJF Fresno Open.  

Triple digit weather had no bearing on TRUJITSU’s competition preparation. Hard work, lots of sweat and popsicles to cool off after resulted in a combined 28 Gold medals.

Kids Camp

The next generation of TRUJITSU celebrates another camp filled with games, secret ninja moves and pizza. Thank you to all the parents and students that attended this amazing week of training.

Thank you again to everyone for the support in making BBJJ/ TRUJITSU HQ the wonderful environment it is. 

TRUJITSU Unified American Nationals Camp.

TRUJITSU Unified American Nationals Camp.


TRUJITSU reaches top of IBJJF ranking.

Professor Matt Baker would like to thank everyone that is a part of TRUJITSU Unified and all of his team mates for helping him prepare and once again put TRUJITSU at the top of the Ibjjf ranking list.

TRUJITSU concepts once again prove that you can science Jiu Jitsu.

Learn the concepts = Excel in the Game.

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Professor Matt Baker wins Double Gold at IBJJF San Jose Open 2018. 

BBJJ News: What’s New? Lots of Toys!!

TRUJITSU Kick off to Christmas toy drive.

Members from Various TRUJITSU schools United for a great cause and great time at the 2017 TRUJITSU Kick off to Christmas toy drive.

In attendance were members from Outliers Jiu Jitsu of San Diego, Blacksmith Jiu Jitsu of Ridgecrest, Delano Jiu Jitsu Club, Riveters Women’s Jiu Jitsu Club and BBJJ.

Unity builds strength, not just on the mat, but also in the community. This years event was able to generate nearly 200 toys that will be donated to families and children less fortunate.

Thank you to Everyone that was able to attend and make this event Magical and thank you to Mark Serda of True Sound Entertainment for providing the Jams!


TRUJITSU Kick off to Christmas 2017



Just Guess?? 



TRUJITSU Kids and Santa’s Helpers