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With over 2 decades of active competition Matt Baker is one of the most active Black Belts in the competition circuit.
As a Black Belt Matt Baker has won over 30 championships including IBJJF No Gi Worlds and Gracie Worlds. In addition to years ofcompetitions, Matt Baker is also an active referee for several organizations including the IBJJF.



Matt Baker was awarded his Black Belt directly from Jean Jacques Machado and continues to represent The Machado Lineage in various competitions. In addition to teaching at his Hometown of Bakersfield, California, Matt Baker is also the founder of The "TRUJITSU" movement, a style of jiu jitsu that focuses on technique overcoming strength.

Other works from Matt Baker include The Jiu Jitsu Lab Series 1 "Science of The Sittinig Guard" and The Jiu Jitsu Lab Series 2 "30 Ways to attack the Back." Both series have reached global exposure with audiences in countries as far as Australia and Malaysia.

Matt Baker specializes in techniques that overcome strength and allow a weaker person to overcome a stronger opponent by use of proper movement.

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