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Whether your goals are for recreation, competition, or just self improvement, we look forward to helping you reach your goals. Bakersfield Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [BBJJ] is a training center that offers World class instruction to men, women, and children. For a free trial guest pass stop by either location. Join the fun, you are always welcome with us.

-Matt Baker, chief instructor

Free Trial Guest Pass

Try a free Jiu Jitsu class! Stop by one of our two gyms in Bakersfield during open hours and speak to Matt Baker or Jill Baker to receive a free trial guest pass to any of our Jiu Jitsu classes. 


Dec 17

BBJJ utilizes the TRUJITSU game plan at The IBJJF Irvine Open and places in the Top 3.

BBJJ promotional news: BBJJ fitness contest in full force. Now is the time to save big on registration. Stay healthy and fit during the holidays!! Save up to $50 off on unlimited memberships for the entire holiday season.



The Jiu-Jitsu Lab



Sitting guard instructional dvd Matt Baker Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 
The science of sitting guard


attacking the back and sitting guard jiu jitsu matt baker
30 ways to attack from the back and advanced sitting guard recovery

Matt Baker has been actively training, teaching and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 20 years. He recently released his second DVD Instructional "The Jiu-Jitsu Lab - Series Two - Thirty Ways to Attack the Back and Advanced Sitting Guard Recovery". The Jiu-Jitsu Lab - Series one is now available on itunes.