Need to Lose weight? We can help!!


The average student at BBJJ loses at least 10 lbs. after the holidays with minimal effort. Why?

Because they enjoy the training.

Have fun, Lose weight, and enjoy life.


Act now, save Big. Now is the most affordable time to start your journey to better health through amazing training.

Lose 20 lbs. by February 28th and we have a gift for you!!



  Welcome to the Zekiel Project.

The Zekiel project is a mission to give back to those in need. Zekiel Athletics makes a contribution to various causes once every 3 months. (quarterly)

In addition to being great for competitive Jiu Jitsu training, every Zekiel gi purchased online equals $20 to a worthy cause.

Zekiel competition Gis are great for competition, and affordable for everyday use. Even better is knowing that your interest is also helping others who are less fortunate, or who may be struggling with a health issue.


For details on the next Zekiel Athletics

Outreach, please keep your eyes open here.


"The Houdin"  "The Contortionist" "Game Changer"

"The Houdin"  "The Contortionist" "Game Changer"